The Paras After Bloody Sunday: Slaughter On The Shankill

It has been largely forgotten and written out of accounts of the Parachute Regiment’s lamentable record during the Troubles, that after Bloody Sunday in Derry, the Paras spilled more blood on the Shankill Road. My good friend Peter Sefton revisits the killing of uninvolved civilian Ritchie McKinnie at the hands of the same regiment that tore the heart out of the Bogside. You can read his piece here.

3 responses to “The Paras After Bloody Sunday: Slaughter On The Shankill

  1. I would highly recommend reading Billy Hutchinson’s book ‘My Life in Loyalism’ for a detailed account of his treatment at the hands of the Paras. One episode involved him being suspended by the arms then hoisted off the ground and used as a punch bag after he was arrested and detained by the Paras.

    I don’t know if it is true or not but I was told there were none of those Support Solider F banners flown on the Shankill because of the past actions of the Paras in that area.

  2. The nature of 1st Battalion, Parachute Regiment can be measured by the presence of one Costa Georgiou alias Colonel Callan who was stationed in Northern Ireland in 1972 – one of a number of renegades who had no respect for the rule of law, however, this eventually caught up with him, albeit Angolan law.

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