Fascism On The March In America…..

Watch it here…..

2 responses to “Fascism On The March In America…..

  1. The Far Right clown shows are hardly the smoking gun of American fascism, particularly in light of the fact that the groups, like Patty Hearst’s friends, and the wicked Mooslims, are invariably completely penetrated, if not led, by FBI informants.
    The United States has been in a State of Emergency since 2001, and every single year the declaration is renewed by the President, be it Bush the Lesser, Obomber, Drumpf or the Ghost of Joe Biden.
    Congress is legally obligated to debate the declaration every six months, and has never once done so in twenty years.
    The Enabling Acts of Nazi Germany had nothing on the Standard Operating Procedure of the US state for the last two decades.

    “Consistent with section 202(d) of the National Emergencies Act, 50 U.S.C. 1622(d), I am continuing for 1 year the national emergency previously declared on September 14, 2001, in Proclamation 7463, with respect to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and the continuing and immediate threat of further attacks on the United States.

    Because the terrorist threat continues, the national emergency declared on September 14, 2001, and the powers and authorities adopted to deal with that emergency must continue in effect beyond September 14, 2021. Therefore, I am continuing in effect for an additional year the national emergency that was declared on September 14, 2001, with respect to the terrorist threat.
    This notice shall be published in the Federal Register and transmitted to the Congress.



    “Proud Boys Leader Secretly Cooperated With F.B.I. and Police”

    “The feds say he’s an extremist leader who directed rioters. He also had top-secret clearance and worked for the FBI, attorney says.”

    As a boy, I spent a good deal of time in a rather “rustic” setting in the Ottawa Valley. One day, riding with my cousins, we happened upon a member of one of the more remote families in the valley. My cousin inquired after the fellow’s younger brother. The response was “all these years we thought he was retarded, and it turns out he just needed glasses”.

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