Wonderful News On The Covid Front….

You can read it here: https://crooksandliars.com/2021/11/televangelist-and-anti-vaxxer-marcus-lamb\


4 responses to “Wonderful News On The Covid Front….

  1. Ed, try this guy. He hosts a YouTube channel which reports on anti vaxxers who have died of Covid. It would be funny if it weren’t for the amount of deaths he reports.

  2. Always funny goings-on in the USA. I live in Alberta, Canada, where the government provides very detailed stats on Covid. We were told in April, 2020, that there would be 800 000 infections in the province, after the imposition of the full range of socio-economic restrictions, by the end of May, 2020, but possibly as many as 1 060 000 cases if things went badly. A third, “doomsday” figure of 1 600 000 infections was presented as the potential outcome without the restrictions.
    In the event, there were under 10 000 “cases” in the province at the end of May, 2020, which indicates that a psycholgical operation had been undertaken to condition the population, in the manner of the War on Terror, and other Strategy of Tension operations.
    As of May, 2021, 61% of Covid “deaths” in the province of 4.38 million souls had occurred among the 29 000 in Long Term Care, the frail, sick elderly who were locked in their rooms to “save” them from Covid.
    73% of deaths have three or more significant pre-existing conditions.
    Over 75% of deaths occurred among people over the age of 70.

    Click to access covid-19-case-modelling-projection.pdf


    Both Pfizer and Moderna are partners with DARPA, the creepiest entity of the Counter-insurgency Against the World that began in 1947 with the creation of the US National Security state.
    “”Pfizer shall perform a research and development program designed to develop a technology platform to identify and subsequently induce the production of protective antibodies to an emerging pathogen directly in an infected or exposed individual,” the Department of Defense wrote in its roundup of recent contracts.”
    ““It’s a case of the emperor’s new clothes. They’re running an investment firm, and then hopefully it also develops a drug that’s successful.””

    Moderna could not safely produce a RNA medicine prior to Covid, and was set to become the Enron of biotech. Magically, with no evidence as to how the prior lethality of the lipid nano-particles required to transport mRNA into the cell was overcome by Modern nor Pfizer, the world’s first RNA medicines have been mandated across the globe. That is not a Drumpfite, nor evangelical kook, nor Q-Anon nut-case theory, it is a fact. There was no reason to expect RNA vaccines to be safe, which makes the public acceptanace of the vaccination narrative quite alarming.

    The fact that evangelical and “natural medicine” con-artists have used Covidmania to their advantage doesn’t make the entire phenomenon any less of a massive behaviour modification program tied to the collapse of the investment banking system in mid-2019, just as the total failure of the US to subvert the Chinese economy became undeniable and the Global War on Terror campaign to destabilize the Eurasian land-mass slammed into the ground.

    If the Troubles showed us anything, it was the fallacy of accepting a false binary of “with us or agin’ us” put forth in a Strategy of Tension campaign.

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