What Happens In America When A Leftist Shoots One Of Trump’s Right-Wing Friends…

This sort of puts the Kyle Rittenhouse affair into perspective. Remember that after his killing spree in Kenosha, a heavily armed Rittenhouse walked unhampered through a convoy of police cars who basically ignored him. By contrast, you can watch the video describing the police execution of Antifa activist Michael Reineoehl here….and what happened to the policemen who gunned him down here. The killing Reineoehl was involved in followed an August 2020 ’invasion’ of Portland by armed Trump supporters. Reineoehl behaved in almost the exact same fashion as Rittenhouse – but his fate was starkly different.

One response to “What Happens In America When A Leftist Shoots One Of Trump’s Right-Wing Friends…

  1. I just don’t understand this take, particularly in light of what is known about events in Northern Ireland and the UK with regard to “the Troubles”. Antifa and BLM give every indication of being aspects of a “Strategy of Tension” operation, just as the “right wing” Proud Boys do. Over the years I have come to the conclusion that the course of “the Troubles” indicates a Strategy of Tension campaign, right down to Special Branch training with bona fide Italian Gladio operatives under NATO auspices. Rittenhouse is a silly person, and in the United States silly people can be lethal. But he did not stalk and kill his victims in a manner anything like Reineoehl. Rittenhouse has unwittingly performed magnificently as a Strategy of Tension muppet, sewing division in just the desired manner, as did Reineoehl.

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