The Lunacy Of America’s Right-Wing……

This is difficult to believe but these people, and others like them, will probably make Donald Trump the Republican Party’s challenger to Joe Biden in 2024 – and judging by the collective cowardice gripping Trump’s adoptive party, he could well win. Yesterday, I was phoned by an elderly neignbour who proceeded to tell me in all seriousness that Biden, Hillary, the last two Popes, Francis and Benedict, had all been replaced by doppelgangers, the fake Hillary had killed a child and surgically removed its face for herself to use, America’s treasure was being stolen and the money funneled via a 150-mile undersea tunnel from Rome to secret stores in the Middle East, and so on and so on. She is an avid Trump addict and like millions of Trump’s supporters has no problem accepting that Biden et al stole the 2020 election. It is fashionable to read into all this a deeper neurosis that the White majority which for so long dominated America’s political, economic and social life is on the way out, which it is, and is taking refuge in irrationality. It is easy to dismiss and scorn such people but we should remember that not so long ago in the Germany of the 1930’s, a philosophy every bit as madcap and evil took power, persuading one of Europe’s more sophisticated people to elevate madmen to dizzy and deadly heights. Hitler, of course, had an evil dogma to guide him while Trump cares only for his own ego, wealth and adulation. That does not mean he will not invent one…..

4 responses to “The Lunacy Of America’s Right-Wing……

  1. Considering the amount of times in recent years that reputable mainstream media outlets have gotten stories wrong and persevered with them even after the fact, it’s fair to say we are witnessing the collapse of the United States in real time.

  2. The parallels with 30’s Germany are salient. Historian Paul Ham in ‘Young Hitler’ points out that Hitler’s anti-Semitic conspiracy theories were at least initially a matter of political opportunism, rather than conviction (later they really did become a pathological idee fixe).
    Trump has a rather similar ‘genius’ for reflecting and amplifying barely submerged bigotries and hatreds.
    It’s doubtful that what’s left of US ‘democracy’ will survive another Trump presidency.

  3. As long as the phoney WW2 narrative is accepted by people who should know better, we are all basically as deluded as Drumpfian Q-brains. The Nazis were not madmen, anymore than the people who killed 20% of North Korea’s population, with aerial bombardment and ensuing logistical disasters between 1950 and 1953, were insane, or the people who poisoned one half of the surface of South Vietnam with defoliants in the course of a punitive war that cost 3 million Vietnamese lives, give or take.
    Were the anti-Jewish myths put forth by the Nazis any different than anti-communist hysteria that justified the destruction of 800 000 (as always, give or take) Indonesians after yet another CIA coup?
    We’re like the guy in the Shining. We’ve always been here.
    Any reasonable historian knows that the Second World War was simply another round of the First, which means it was not a crusade against Nazism. Particularly in light of the relationship of US elites to the bankrolling and logistics of Nazi Germany, and the post-war absorption of all manner of non-expendable Nazis into the US National Security State.
    I don’t see a whole lot of difference between the post-war beliefs of “mainstream” folks in the US, or any of the Anglo countries, and the sad, Weekly World News beliefs of the Drumpfians, in terms of magical thinking.
    Is there any greater neurosis than people pretending that the US Democrats are somehow on the “left” while steady-as-she-goes corporate finance capitalism and militarism underpins any policy of Biden and co.
    The difference between the Deplorables and the average Democratic voter is basically a matter of taste.

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