New York Times Screens Gaza Video And Breaks A Barrier…..

I can’t recall something like this ever happening before, the New York Times‘ website screening a film about Palestinian life in Gaza under Israeli bombardment. It is a measure of how sentiment about the Israel-Palestine conflict has shifted amongst the American liberal elite in the wake of recent heavy-handed violence against the residents of Gaza. Those in power in Tel-Aviv need to pay attention. You can watch the video here.

One response to “New York Times Screens Gaza Video And Breaks A Barrier…..

  1. Barry Gilheany

    Vivid and harrowing testimony to the awfulness of war. No child should have to exist or grow up in such environments. Yes, the Israeli authorities should take notice but Hamas cannot evade responsibility either. It is their rockets aimed at Israeli civilians and some of which exploded amongst the Gazan populace with fatal outcomes which draws this sort of disproportionate response from Israel. Ultimately these intermittent wars in Gaza are symptoms of the wider failure to achieve peace and accommodation between Israelis and Palestinians.

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