Myers On The Ballymurphy Massacre…

Great piece by Kevin Myers, and a useful reminder of how the Paras behaved in working class areas of the North (and as Loyalists of that date can attest they were as brutal on the Shankill or lower Newtowards Rd as they were in Ballymurphy). You can read the piece here.

One response to “Myers On The Ballymurphy Massacre…

  1. Billy Hutchinson recounts his brutal treatment at the hands of the Parachute Regiment in his book My Life In Loyalism. He was basically strung up and used as punch bag after being arrested.

    The Parachute Regiment used to call the standard issue Self Loading Rifle (SLR) the paddy whacker. Not only could it fire 7.62mm rounds it was also long enough to use as a baton.

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