Sinn Fein And Bobby Sands’ Funeral

There is only one way to settle the disputed claim over where Bobby Sands wanted to be buried. Sinn Fein has produced the text – but not a copy – of a ‘comm’ from the dead hunger striker saying that he was now content to be buried in Milltown. This was issued by a former low level SF press officer in the party’s Dublin office turned party councillor. That it was not issued by someone in the North, like Danny Morrison, who had daily interactions with Sands and other senior prisoners during the protest, may or may not be a matter of significance. There is only one way to settle the matter. Sinn Fein must a) produce the original comm and b) submit it to a reputable forensic expert who can accurately date the document. I notice that Sinn Fein are not disputing the claim, at least so far, that Sands’ wishes not to be buried in a shroud but in a blanket symbolic of his prison protest were apparently ignored.

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