Trump, Biden & Afghanistan – US Media Bias On Show

Great piece here which reveals the inherent bias in the US media……the time will come when it will really matter.

4 responses to “Trump, Biden & Afghanistan – US Media Bias On Show

    • Did you read the latest reports on the Democratic ‘Socialists’ of America?
      The bitterly anti-socialist nterview Ocadio-Cortez did with Jacobin magazine (House magazine of DSA)?
      The exposure of Ocadio-Cortez by
      The Democrats use Trump bashing to hide their own utterly reactionary agenda. Just like Sinn Fein use DUP bashing to cover for their own role in the perpetuation of the sectarian split in the northern working class.

  1. Who are the greatest warmongers in the USA? The Democrats.

  2. The Democratic Party and the political origins of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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