Sinn Fein And The British Royals

I cannot, for the life of me, make sense of the politics behind Sinn Fein’s response to the death of Prince Philip. Michelle O’Neill’s homage to a man whose politics and social attitudes were near neanderthal, followed not far behind that made public by Alex Maskey, who these days straddles the Speaker’s chair at Stormont were just, to put it mildly, unnecessarily over the top:

While many republicans, aside from those who have not imbibed the kool-aid, will be and have been appalled, Unionists, I suspect, will not have been impressed, accustomed as they are to regard everything the Provos do and say with the utmost scepticism and suspicion.

The only people who will greet SF’s expressions of sympathy for the Royals with undisguised pleasure are the two governments, in London and Dublin. I suspect the word ‘house-trained’ might figure in their conversations.

Northern Ireland: Memories of 1977 and a 'terribly tense' royal visitor |  The Independent | The Independent
The more traditional Provo response to British royalty – a West Belfast protest to mark a royal visit during the Queen’s 25th year jubiliee in 1977

7 responses to “Sinn Fein And The British Royals

  1. Vincent Doherty

    There are no words.

  2. They’ve managed to make Fintan O Toole sound like a dangerous radical.

  3. Sinn Féin. Republican?
    They may issue pro forma statements claiming they are anti-monarchist, secular, non-sectarian – in the tradition of the United Irishmen; but they are pro forma.
    Sinn Fein’s founder was a monarchist.
    Sinn Féin are a sectarian party: Gerry Kelly, ‘ If every Catholic in North Belfast came out to vote we would win the seat’; and Sinn Féin fully implement the sectarian contrived apparatus of Stormont.
    Secular? Yea, we are are all sick and tired hearing Sinn Féin calling for religion and its personnel to be thrown out of schools and all public bodies, (that’s me being sarcastic, by the way).
    Sinn Fein, radical promoters of egalitarianism? Tear down the system?
    Sinn Fein. Republican? My arse.

  4. Even though it’s Newton Emerson this piece still raises the question of just what is Sinn Fein:
    Sinn Fein – The Monarchist Party—the-monarchist-party-95247/

  5. You’re right there, Ed. Not that I know what the windy bletherskite’s on about most of the time. In fact the more I read him the less I know

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