Guardian Finally Addresses Its Roy Greenslade Problem……

But somehow wraps its all up in the peace process. Former Guardian editor, Alan Rusbridger today addressed what is arguably one of the most discreditable episodes in the paper’s recent history by devoting fourteen paragraphs of a twenty-three paragraph apologia on Greenslade to the Irish peace process and his/The Guardian’s role in helping Martin McGuinness and Gerry Adams negotiate their tortuous way towards IRA decommissioning. The embarrassment of Roy Greenslade is tacked on at the end, almost an afterthought, couched in ‘wouldn’t it have better if he had come clean about his IRA sympathies’ terms with a nod of regret in the direction of the much-abused Mairia Cahill. I doubt this will do. You can read the whole thing here. Thanks to PM for the tip.

2 responses to “Guardian Finally Addresses Its Roy Greenslade Problem……

  1. A few years ago, Roy Greenslade also admitted to have spent decades as a member of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist). That’s not a crime, of course, but I think people who read his books and newspaper articles would have been very surprised – especially when he discussed working for capitalist moguls such as Murdoch and Maxwell. (In his book “Maxwell’s Fall” he described carefully removing his own pension funds from Maxwell’s clutches a year before the scandal was exposed.)

  2. Rusbridger walks away from the Irish Media Commission after a week of concerted objection to his membership by Maria Cahill and a number of politicians. The Sunday press did not help even with a final plea by Conor Brady (ex Irish Times) for his retention. Well that is Roy definitely scratched from the Xmas card list.

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