On Greenslime: Silence From The Liberal Media

Pick up a copy from your newsagent, or log in to The Guardian or The Irish Times and search for a mention of Roy Greenslade’s admission this week that for many years he was a closet Provo who hid his sympathy for the IRA and you will be disappointed. Greenslade wrote a weekly column for The Guardian for more than a decade while he was often cited as a reliable source on British and Irish matters by the Times. But not a peep from either of them. As if it had never happened.

3 responses to “On Greenslime: Silence From The Liberal Media

  1. Also the author of “Press Gang: How Newspapers Make Profits from Propaganda”, which can now be read in a different light!

  2. Barry Gilheany

    As a daily, lifelong reader of the Guardian, the Greenslime episode to me is as repellent as any tabloid outrage.

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