Greenslime Finally Comes Clean

You can read Roy Greenslade’s admission of his sympathy and support for Sinn Fein here. I can’t speak for the other journalists he names but for my part the problem with his semi-secret endorsement of the Provos was that when he joined their ranks he entirely discarded the critical faculties that good journalists regard as vital for their work. In short, he became a Sinn Fein hack.

4 responses to “Greenslime Finally Comes Clean

  1. Would like to hear your comments on Greenslime at more length. Did you know about his Provo connection? Wish I had known when he fired me from chief reporter of the Daily Mirror in Belfast in 2001. Could not posssibly have had anything to do with the fact I was married to an RUC woman constable!! What about Noreen Taylor? Greenslime certainly conned a lot of people. And there I thought he lived in Co. Donegal for the love of beaches!

  2. Ed can I assure John Hicks that Greenslimes association with Sinn Fein was known to me from 1998 and I suspect many others from an earlier date. As you know I met him socially as we lived quite close to each other in Donegal and while he was happy to swan in and out of the houses of many BT9’rs he was happy, as ever, to maintain a deception of his real allegiances. I wonder how the City of London University can still support his Emeritus Professorship given the many ethical questions raised by his recent disclosures.

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