‘Burning Heresies’, A Letter From Kevin Myers:

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

The boycott of the above title by The Irish Times and RTE appears not merely to have been extremely successful, but also contagious.

Not one single media outlet reported the recent shocking admission by Frank Fitzgibbon, the former Irish editor of The Sunday Times, that the allegation made by his newspaper that I was an antisemite was completely wrong and unjust.  This lie was repeated across the world. I think you all know the consequences of that falsehood for me.

My memoir “Burning Heresies“, which covers my career as a columnist and war correspondent, and includes the shocking events of 2017, has still not been reviewed by The Irish Times, four months after publication. Pre-booked interviews with RTE were cancelled at the last minute, and the station has never mentioned the book. Neither The Irish Times nor RTE News has ever revealed the costly settlement RTE was forced to agree to for calling me a Holocaust Denier.

In their reviews, Alan Shatter and Eilis O’Hanlon praised Burning Heresies in glowing terms. Amazon reviews are 84% five stars, 16% four stars.

Please urge as many people as possible in your address book not merely to consider buying “Burning Heresies“, but for them also to make the same request via their address books.

Every day, the mob claims more victories. This cannot and must not continue.

Break this boycott! 

Thank you for bearing with me thus far.

Kevin Myers

3 responses to “‘Burning Heresies’, A Letter From Kevin Myers:

  1. Why? You told too many lies in your journalistic career for someone else to worry about you now being silenced.
    Lies about Ken Saro-Wiwa (who suffered execution, not boycott) and the Ogoni people (massive oppression), Hugo Chavez and the Venezuelan people, Yasser Arafat and the Palestinians, the nature of Zionism, the nature of Capital. That you told some truths about Irish political affairs does not excuse you.

    So, tough titty.

  2. I always enjoyed Kevin’s newspaper articles and his ability to shine the light where it was badly needed – greatly missed. His book will definitely be on my 2021 reading list – just trying to catch up with the Christmas pile.

  3. Daragh McDowell

    Nah, I think the guy who literally said we should let Africans starve lest they simply grow up to be terrorists is clearly someone who has terrible views and should be ignored forever.

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