Why Samantha Power Should Never Hold Govt Office Again

Samantha Power: I called Hillary Clinton a monster, but I didn't mean it
Ireland’s favorite American diplomat has a disastrous warmongering track record and ‘should never hold office again’

Thanks to RS for the tip. This piece, in the Dandelion Salad blog, takes Power to pieces. Even so, Joe Biden has made her head of USAID, a body which overtly performs many of the covert functions once undertaken by the CIA.

9 responses to “Why Samantha Power Should Never Hold Govt Office Again

  1. Thanks for the reblog! Cheers!

  2. Her book on genocide prevention is a valuable contribution to the literature on this subject. Yes she made the wrong call (like many) on the decision to invade Iraq in 2003 but there are those who made equally wrong calls on Syria after the Gouta sarin gas massacre in August 2013 with Assad and Putin receiving a total license to pulverise schools, hospitals , aid convoys and civilian areas in general as a result There are probably 200,000+ reasons for arguing that that call wqas disastrous.

    Far better that a committed anti-genocidaire like Sam Power hold office in foreign policy matters than a President who displayed such disgusting obeisance towards the Putins, Baby Kims, Bolinasario and every other tyrant that he bent the knee in front. Far better that

    On Libya, critics of the intervention forget that it was mandated by a UN and Arab League sponsored resolution to prevent the threatened massacre of civilians in Benghazi by the forces of the Ghadaffy (he with the blood of so many including 1,000 Provo victims) regime.

    • she has been pro every disastrous American war in recent times. and as for the libyan intervention it was based on a lie, that the people of benghazi were facing a massacre when the truth was that jihadists were running amok, conveniently for Britain, France and Hillary Clinton who embraced them as faux victims and launched a war that has killed tens of thousands and destroyed what was once a lovely country. that you have embraced the massacre lie makes you complicit. you should be ashamed of yourself!

    • There was no wrong “call’ to be made on the invasion of Iraq. Such an operation constitutes a crime against peace, a violation of Principle VI of the Nuremberg principles. It is the most egregious war crime committed in the twenty-first century. The entire Syrian tragedy is a manifestation of the underlying US imperialist policy in the region, coupled with local imperialist aspirations by US allies and satraps such as Turkey and Israel. The CIA and and active-duty US Special Forces were involved in training the IRA in Libya. Considering the relationship of people like Martin McGuinness to the CIA, it seems rather absurd to make a claim like yours that the blood of IRA victims is on Ghadaffi’s hands. But don’t let facts get in the way of your sentiments.

  3. Gilheaney’s vile campaign in support of imperialist butchery knows no bounds.
    “New exposé by Seymour Hersh: Turkey staged gas attack to provoke US war on Syria”

    The butcher war criminal Samantha Power is promoted on Irish media shamelessly by Ryan Tubridy et al. Apparently being Irish, or connected to Ireland via someone’s semen or egg, means one can do no wrong! The slaughter of millions? No matter. Sure aren’t you one of ‘us’.

    That is the logic of Tubridy and co.

    • From Observer New Review of Eliot Higgins “We are Bellingcat: An Intelligence Agency for the People” 31 January 2021. ‘Higgins devotes several pages to the chemical weapons strike on the eastern suburbs of Damascus. Geolocation tools showed a Syrian military base had fired the rocket. … Higgins describes Hersh’s piece to the London Review of Books (blaming the poison gas on jihadi rebels) as an “embarrassing muddle”. It “posed questions I’d already answered”, he writes.

  4. As you say, Barry should be ashamed of himself; but he won’t be. Barry is part of that large contingent of extremely self-satisfied 1st worlders who think ‘the West’ has moral intentions.
    So, in his / their world, Power (that liar) is “a committed anti-genocidaire”. Not to the people of Iraq, Syria, Libya, anywhere the blundering US military machine arrives to help the regime change gig.

    On “a President who displayed such disgusting obeisance towards the Putins, Baby Kims, Bolinasario and every other tyrant that he bent the knee (to)” . That’s just silly. The awareness of a 17 year old. Trump is gone (thankfully), but the world is not as you see it.

    Not to be mealy-mouthed, Sincerely,
    Colm McGinn

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