Dr Fauci Reconsidered

Fauci on What Working for Trump Was Really Like - The New York Times
Did America’s favourite doctor mislead the public and massage the Covid facts to bolster his standing?

You can read the piece here. Thanks to CM for the tip.

2 responses to “Dr Fauci Reconsidered

  1. The major threat of much more deadly mutations and the ‘herd immunity’ (let it rip) policy of the ruling class.
    From a wsws article opposing the re-opening of schools:
    “After many months of genomic stability in the virus, suddenly, three distinct versions of the SARS-CoV-2 virus on three separate continents have independently acquired similar mutations involving their spike protein. According to a new report published in Wired, “that pattern is what scientists refer to as ‘convergent evolution,’ and it’s a sign of trouble ahead.” This means that separate SARS-CoV-2 viruses have acquired similar mutations that help them evade the human immune response. Examples of convergent evolution in nature include such concurrent and independent phenomena as the evolution of flight by bats, birds and insects.

    Dr. Stephen Goldstein, an evolutionary virologist, explained that the variants becoming more infectious is a real benefit to them, from the standpoint of their survivability. They have arrived at the same solution to their dilemma at the same time. If random chance created these mutations, it would improve their odds to acquire the ability to invade as many people as possible. However, it appears that there are selective pressures to these mutations which aid the virus to evade a person’s immune system. Vaccines could create these selective pressures as well, but they have been introduced too recently in the course of the pandemic to be the dominant factor presently. (See the link to the study: mRNA vaccine-elicited antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 and circulating variants .)

    According to Dr. Goldstein, “The convergent evolution of wilier versions of the virus might just be a consequence of so many poorly managed government pandemic responses, which didn’t marshal sufficient resources or inspire the kind of collective action required to not just crush the initial curve, but keep it crushed.”

    However, as the virus runs rampant and governments attempt to vaccinate the population quickly in ways that violate protocols without containing the epidemic and looking to force schools open, the consequences could well be additional “convergent evolutions” that produce an extremely virulent strain of the coronavirus.

    This danger was stated most succinctly last week by Dr. Katherine O’Brien, director for Immunizations, Vaccines and Biologicals at the World Health Organization:

    “Risk of variants relative to the vaccines is ever greater when the transmission is very high in the communities. Not only because of variants that have occurred but because of the possibility of additional variants emerging under the pressure of vaccines. … We have these amazing tools, and the urgency is to deploy them. But we risk something about those tools if we are also not suppressing transmission to the maximum degree possible where those tools can be effective is setting when there is limited transmission. … We have to emphasize about the importance of really crushing transmission now while we are rolling out these new vaccines.”

    The ruling classes see school openings as necessary to maximize surplus value extraction out of the population. As Biden’s top economic aide Brian Deese told a Reuters conference last month, “We need to get the schools open so that parents … can get back to work.” The Biden administration and the Democratic Party, backed by the teachers unions and the Republicans, are playing with fire.

    The well-being of the community cannot be left in the hands of any government that places the enrichment of the financial oligarchs over its population’s well-being. The concerns being raised by teachers and workers worldwide are validated by the science that must guide humanity’s struggle to rid itself of an economic system that not only is a dead weight on social progress, but threatens mass extermination on an unprecedented scale. The pandemic is such a scourge, with the contradictions of capitalism blocking a serious, science-driven response that prioritizes saving lives, not corporate profit. “

  2. I assume, and hope, that you don’t have kids. I live in Alberta, Canada, where the government has inadvertently provided a significant body of data that demonstrates clearly that SARS CoV-2 in no way constitutes the categorically greater threat than the array of infectious respiratory diseases to which we are subject every year.
    The “pandemic” is anything but a scourge. In Alberta, the average age of a Covid “death” is 82. Over 70% of such deaths occur among people already consigned to long-term care homes. 72% of the deaths have three or more comorbidities. These comorbidities consist of Diabetes, Hypertension, COPD, Cancer, Dementia, Stroke, Liver cirrhosis, Cardiovascular diseases (including IHD and Congestive heart failure), Chronic kidney disease, and Immuno-deficiency.
    The mean number of comorbidities in a Covid “death” is 3.6.
    Even with three or more comorbidities, 87% of Covid “cases” survive.
    65% of Covid “deaths” are over age 80, 84% are over age 70.
    The case rates for hospital and ICU admission are significantly lower for Covid than seasonal influenza.
    There is now evidence, provided by Statistics Canada, that statistically significant increases in weekly mortality have occurred in Alberta since the introduction of the socio-economic restrictions, restrictions that are both unprecedented and unsupported by any body of scientific data. These increases can be seen across all demographics, but particularly in those under age 45, a cohort in which there is essentially no Covid mortality.
    The Covid death totals consist to a high degree of people who would have died in any other year with the array of influenza-like illnesses that induce sepsis and heart failure in very old, very frail, very sick people.
    There are two differences in Alberta now, with regard to infectious respiratory disease, and that is the use of testing on an unprecedented scale on people who do not present with clinical symptoms, and the abuse of sick elderly people, particularly those with organic dementia, a condition present in 42% of all Covid “deaths”, through neglect and isolation as a function of the restrictions.
    I have an eight-year-old and a twenty-four-year-old, and the harm done to them via the scientifically unsupportable rituals in the name of combatting a non-existent pandemic constitutes a crime. People like you are complicit in this crime.
    The Alberta Government stated, in April, that we would see 800 000 infections in the province by mid-May, 2020, with thousands of hospitalizations and hundreds of deaths. This scenario took into account the purported effects of the closures and lockdowns. An “extreme” scenario was also posited by the government in which 1 060 000 infections would occur in the same time frame. As of May 15, 2020, there were less than 8000 infections in the province.

    Click to access covid-19-case-modelling-projection.pdf


    The phoney pandemic response will foster a tsunami of neoliberal “innovations” in the areas of education, leisure and healthcare that Milton Freidman couldn’t have come up with in his soggiest wet dream.

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