Biden’s True Face Revealed In Measly $600 Checks

Joe Biden represents everything that is bad about the Democrats. In this searing dissection of the recent inter-party negotiations about a Covid stimulus plan, David Sirota reveals that it was Biden who insisted on cutting the pandemic stimulus check from $1200 to $600, in line with his long held antagonism to other forms of government intervention, such as social security.

You can read Sirota’s piece here and weep.

2 responses to “Biden’s True Face Revealed In Measly $600 Checks

  1. Off topic Mr Moloney, but have you been reading the 1990 state papers at all? Some interesting stuff.

    Rev Will Murphy and Fr John Murphy, who were chaplains at the Maze Prison, had been engaged in a two-year process to encourage loyalist and republican prisoners to move away from violence.

    On 4 May, 1990, Brendan McMahon, head of the Anglo-Irish Division, updated Dermot Gallagher, the assistant secretary at the DFA, on the potential breakthrough with the IRA.

    “I had a conversation with Fr Murphy on 2 May who indicated that they had just concluded a series of intensive discussions with the IRA army council,” he said.

    “Arising from those discussions, the two chaplains had a meeting on 1 May with the four church leaders.

    “At that meeting, the chaplains reported that the army council had clearly indicated to them their willingness to seek an alternative to the campaign of violence and, with this objective in mind, are prepared to enter exploratory discussions with the British government.”

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