What Are The Democrats Going To Do……

……when Donald Trump finally quits or is carried squirming and screaming off the stage, and they don’t have him to kick around any more, when it becomes clear that Joe Biden is just an aging version of the same neoliberal, neoconservative shite they have been serving up since Clinton, and that Harris is only a younger, more ambitious if nastier model of the same, who can’t wait for Joe to breathe his last? What will they do? Nothing, of course. They never do, they never have to. The game is fixed and everyone knows it. Red and Blue, Red and Blue, Red and Blue forever and ever, and ever, and ever. Until someone says – enough someones say – no more.

2 responses to “What Are The Democrats Going To Do……

  1. Derrick Hambleton

    And on And On And On until the world burns up and floods cover the globe?

  2. The Democrats are going to defend the rotten system that cripples humanity.
    An Oxford scientist who works on that new vaccine said it is the financial imperative that delays advances in medical science for years. Risk aversion by the pharm businesses means years are added to development of new drugs.
    What took 8 months for this latest vaccine would normally take 8 years.

    We have a problem facing us.
    It’s a particular economic and political system. That system is not eternal, it is not ‘natural’ in the sense that it was here forever, and always will be.
    The Democrats are defending this system. That’s the problem we have to resolve.

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