Trump Has Been Beaten By The Virus

The great irony of Donald Trump’s impending defeat in the US Presidential election is that it has been made possible by something he either ignored, mocked or minimised since it first arrIved on American shores back in January or February: the Coronavirus.

The evidence from the polls throughout America is that a preponderance of Democrats stayed at home on election day out of fear that by appearing in person at polling stations they were likely to encounter mask-reviling Republicans and thereby risk infection by the virus. Instead they instead opted to vote by mail.

Final figures are not yet available but common sense suggests that as a result more Democrats turned out than otherwise would have been the case and as a result Joe Biden reaped a rich harvest of votes.

Had Donald Trump instead listened to his medical advisers and early on taken measures that damped the level of Coronavirus infections, and by so doing demonstrated that he took the virus seriously, and cared for those stricken by the infection, it is very possible that Democrats’ motivation to vote would have been weakened and Trump might be waking up tomorrow morning to another four years in office.

Instead Democrat alienation from the Trump White House intensified while mail-in-voting gave them the means to safely register their anger. Trump’s failure/refusal to take the virus seriously will go down in history as one of the most disastrous political blunders ever.

One response to “Trump Has Been Beaten By The Virus

  1. The most disturbing fact of the U.S. election is that almost 50% of people in those long queues were there to vote for Trump.

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