What If Trump Tries To Steal The Election?

Barton Gellman, the author of ‘Angler‘, a fine book on the life and crimes of Dick Cheney, vice-president to the hapless George W Bush, has written a great piece in The Atlantic magazine on the possibility of Trump subverting next week’s presidential election in the US. You can read it here or watch the video below (note that it starts after about three minutes):

3 responses to “What If Trump Tries To Steal The Election?

  1. Massive voter fraud already going on and as usual, its the democrats stuffing ballot boxes and leading the way in this department.
    There will be mayhem On Nov 3rd/4th and for weeks after whether Trump wins or not.

  2. The threat of a coup by Trump is suppressed by the Democrats and by the mainstream media. It could not be clearer that the Democrats, Trump and ‘official’ society are all part of the same pack in the end.

    Trump has a private visit to Fort Bragg yesterday. The home of the 82nd Airborne shock troops. And the home of the Special Forces:
    “No further details of who Trump met and what discussions were held have been made available. But Ft. Bragg is a massive military installation that includes both the US Special Forces Operation Command, headquarters for the most highly trained killers in the US military, and the 82nd Airborne Division, one of the most important rapid deployment forces of the US Army.”

    Who is shouting from the rooftops about the sinister plans of Trump?
    Not the Democrats. Not the New York Times. Not CNN. Not Bernie Sanders. Not the unions. Not the Democratic Socialists. Not Jacobin.

    “Police and national security officials are “gaming” plans to crush demonstrations against Trump. In a report published by the right-wing Claremont Institute and Texas Public Policy Foundation, a network of high-level former national security officials and police leaders write, “There is an increased chance of urban unrest, especially in jurisdictions where local and state officials are reluctant to maintain order.”

    The report “games” the prospect of large-scale social mobilizations and predicts a massive police crackdown.

    The report says that in the early morning hours of November 4, the day after the election, police will conduct widespread raids on the homes of left-wing opponents of Trump, suggesting there will be “over one thousand arrest warrants issued using federal and state statutes from RICO to disorderly conduct with coordinated pre-dawn warrant executions nationwide. The decision to obtain arrest warrants even for the barest minimum of probable cause on the lowest of charges is meant to remove the players from the picture, at least temporarily.”

    The report predicts that police departments will rebel against Democratic elected officials in cities like Chicago, Portland, Los Angeles and New York as police suppress protests, and that officers assigned to guard Democratic mayors will call in sick, abandoning their posts.

    The report also references the likelihood of police mobilizing fascist vigilantes: “Riot control efforts continue throughout the country. There are rumors that several sheriffs in conservative counties throughout the country are hinting that they may deputize regular citizens into posses should the lawlessness come to their counties. Social media is ablaze with volunteers from Proud Boys, Three Percenters, and Oath Keepers and other Posse Comitatus groups to form posses.”

    There is a fundamental issue at stake. We are living at an historical turning point.
    The question? Capitalism or socialism.

  3. Link to student newspaper,
    Manual Redeye, Kentucky.
    Expose on police training and police brutality and fascism.

    “KSP training slideshow quotes Hitler, advocates ‘ruthless’ violence”

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