Rejoice! Trump’s Himmler Has The Virus!

According to The Wall Street Journal tonight, Stephen Millar, the architect of Trump’s anti-immigration policy which has seen children torn from their mothers and interned, young women made infertile against their wishes and knowledge and thousands imprisoned without charge, has contracted Coronavirus. Let’s hope it is a long and painful experience.

Kamala Harris: Trump's Tulsa rally is a deliberate 'welcome home party' for  white supremacists -
A "Decent" Life, According To Heinrich Himmler - Santa Monica Daily Press

5 responses to “Rejoice! Trump’s Himmler Has The Virus!

  1. Derrick Hambleton

    Hear Hear!

  2. It has been reported that Millar keeps a copy of “Méin Kampf” on his bedside table.
    The degradation of democracy is deadly serious for the world. The rulers, the ruling class are turning again to fascism. Trump is an expression of this. Not at all an exception.

  3. Here’s Trump emulating his favourite Fuhrer, in his own version of ‘Triumph of the Will.’

  4. Derrick Hambleton

    He was even on a balcony last night!

  5. really nice sentiments expressed here

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