PSNI Ombudsman Readies Report On Jimmy McConville ‘Bribe’ Complaint – But Gets Key Name Wrong

As you can see from the letter below, the police Ombudsman for NI is in the process of readying a final report on my complaint that detectives working for Drew Harris – remember him, he used to be MI5’s man in the PSNI but is the Garda Commissioner now – bribed Jean McConville’s son, Jimmy with a promise that if he lodged a complaint against Boston College which would open its Troubles oral history archive to the police, then he could gain access to material he could use in civil actions against those who ‘disappeared’ his mother, Jean.

Jimmy was a prisoner in Magilligan jail at the time and was visited there by two PSNI detectives where the offer – in effect a bribe – was made; the prospect of making a pile of money was dangled in front of his nose. The offer was bogus; the treaty concerning such access limits recipients to government agencies and, as Harris’ men must have known, Jimmy could never get near the archive.

When I found out about the incident I lodged a complaint with PONI which rejected it on the grounds that I had no supporting evidence. When I later produced documents showing that the PONI denial was false, the agency agreed to take on the complaint, the result of which should soon be known. So PONI misled me, to put it kindly, but was then forced to make a u-turn.

You can read more about the story here.

Anyway last week PONI wrote to my lawyer to tell him that the report on my complaint was near completion and should be ready for release soon.

Only one problem. The letter calls the complainant, that is myself, “ED MAHONEY”. My name is Ed Moloney. Well, you know, all these Irish names sound so much the same.

If PONI can’t get my name right, or remember it, what does that say about the contents of their report or the integrity of the investigation. We shall see.

One response to “PSNI Ombudsman Readies Report On Jimmy McConville ‘Bribe’ Complaint – But Gets Key Name Wrong

  1. At least he didn’t call you ‘Paddy’


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