Some Spooky Questions For Keir Starmer

The new British Labour leader, Keir Starmer is gradually shedding the camouflage he wore when serving under Jeremy Corbyn, as this answer to a Boris Johnston jibe in the House of Commons over Starmer’s loyal service to the Provo-friendly Corbyn illustrates:

“I want him to take it back. I worked for five years with the Police Service of Northern Ireland, as director of public prosecutions, prosecuting serious terrorism, working with the intelligence and security services, and the police. Can the prime minister have the decency to withdraw that comment?”

This is not the first time that Starmer’s links to, and friendliness with the British security establishment has come to notice. This article in The Gray Zone put five questions about that relationship to Starmer back in June and, as far as I know, is still waiting for an answer.

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