‘Kamala Harris Is A Cop’

Democrats live up to expectations: Biden & Harris. Just like Obama and Biden except the other way round but possibly worse. Reason magazine takes a caustic look at the former California Attorney-General. You can read it here.

5 responses to “‘Kamala Harris Is A Cop’

  1. The lesson of the worthlessness of identity politics is personified in Harris.
    The selection of Kamala Harris and the degradation of American politics

    That same lesson can be applied to Ireland.
    Just what has unionism done for protestant workers?
    As importantly, what has nationalism done for catholic workers?

    The gain of identity politics has all been for the ruling class. Splitting the working class along lines of identity. There’s the rub!

    Hume cheerleader Barry Gilheaney, ,comment below, can’t see the crucial importance of this sectarian split in Ireland. Because for him the struggle of the ordinary person is not the issue. Or rather, it is the issue in the negative. He doesn’t want ordinary people to struggle for their social and democratic rights. Give them a token leader. That’s good enough for them.

    Hume, like Harris, and McGuinness, got a lucrative career on the backs of the oppressed working class.

    Remember, Harris in her role as a false advocate for black ‘people’ reinforces the apparatus of universal class oppression. She keeps down white and black poor alike. Just like Hume, McGuinness et al are central to keeping down protestant, as well as catholic. They keep the framework in place:

    The Northern Ireland Assembly
    “Each MLA must identify him or herself as ‘Unionist’, ‘Nationalist’ or ‘Other’.”
    This is Hume’s achievement!

    It was Richard Nixon who started the process of affirmative action. That is, increasing the number of black people with a stake in the capitalist system.
    It makes black workers feel better knowing it was Harris who jailed them. Or that it was a black mayor or police chief who oversaw the murder of their son or daughter by a cop. Equality!

    Sorry Ed, for mixing up the two posts, Hume and Harris; but the reactionary identity theme is at the core of both.

  2. Nixon, after the countryside riots in the late 60s:
    “Black Americans—no more than white Americans—do not want more government programs… They want the pride and the self-respect and the dignity that can only come if they have an equal chance to own their own homes, to own their own businesses, to be managers and executives as well as workers, to have a piece of the action in the exciting ventures of private enterprise.” [Speech accepting the Republican Party nomination, August 8, 1968]

  3. What Marxist reductionists fail to appreciate is just why identity politics are so resonant in the USA and NI. The fomer because of its original sin of slavery out of which institutionalised racism against African-Americans has floswed for generations and the latter because sectarian gerrymandering was built into its creation

    I am no fan of identity ;politics but talk of unified working classes in societies where ethnicity is the major divide not class is absolute pie in the sky. Only when the root causes of racism and ethno-nationalist divisions are honestly addressed and when proper conversations can be had about them can poliitcs based on socio-economic cleavages take hold.

    Btw parties in the NI Assembly can also identity as ‘other’.

  4. So Barry Gilheaney promotes the identity politics line. He says it is ‘resonant’ in the USA. The ‘original sin’ of racism in America he refers to is the position pushed by the New York Times “1619 Project”. An anti-historical propaganda campaign on behalf of the establishment’s hysterical efforts to split workers along lines of race. See:
    “The Times’ 1619 Project is damned with faint praise
    Hannah-Jones receives Pulitzer Prize for personal commentary, not historical writing”

    Quote, concerning a faction fight within the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). The DSA is a pseudo-left group that wages an unrelenting campaign to promote the Democratic party as ‘progressive’.

    “The furious reaction within the DSA leadership to the invitation to Reed reveals how deeply the organization is imbued with the reactionary and right-wing politics of racial division. The extreme hostility to any analysis based on the primacy of class expresses the interests of affluent sections of the petit bourgeoisie, who utilize racial and identity politics in the fight over positions of power and privilege within the apparatus of the state, the trade unions, academia and corporations.”
    ( The cancellation of professor Adolph Reed, Jr.’s speech and the DSA’s promotion of race politics
    https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/08/18/reed-a18.html )

    Gilheaney says ” talk of unified working classes in societies where ethnicity is the major divide not class is absolute pie in the sky. ”
    Could not be plainer. The anti-communists always say working class struggle, avowedly working class politics, is utopian.
    What that says is these same anti-communists are actually against a politically independent working class. Keep workers split and keep them down.

    Did Mr Gilneaney notice that the mass protests against police brutality were racially mixed? Has he noticed the mass wildcat strikes of teachers in the USA in the last two years? Or the walkouts against Covid, and pay strikes, from car factories in the last few months? All multi-racial? Its not black workers only, or white workers only striking at the car plants? Voting against the gangster unions. Imagine Gilheaney. Pie in the sky!

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