New MI6 Chief The Grandson Of Cork IRA Man

Thanks to Danny Morrison – yes, that Danny Morrison – for circulating this story on Twitter that the British government has promoted the grandson of an IRA veteran of the War of Independence from Cork to be the new head of MI6, Britain’s foreign intelligence service.

New Head of MI6, Richard Moore is the grandson of an IRA veteran from Cork.

According to the internet news site ‘Cork Beo‘, Richard Moore, a former spy for MI6, also known as SIS, or Secret Intelligence Service, who saw service in Malaysia, Turkey, Vietnam and Pakistan is the grandson of Jack Buckley, described as “a Cork IRA fighter who joined the group in 1916”.

This is how the BBC, which failed to note Moore’s IRA antecedent, reported the appointment. And Cork Beo’s report can be found here. The London Independent’s profile of the new ‘C’, as of the chief of MI6 is widely known, also missed the IRA link.

Danny Morrison’s Tweet is reproduced below. I don’t think too many people will take his ‘SLEEPER’ jibe too seriously except, perhaps, to comment that the organisation Danny belongs to is hardly in a position to point fingers about sleepers in the ranks.

Thanks to anon for the tipoff.

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