Dissident Workers Party Faction Publishes Its Manifesto, ‘Enough Is Enough’

Here it is: https://www.flipsnack.com/workersparty1/enough-is-enough-may-2020/full-view.html – many thanks to a source who must remain anonymous.

The kernel of the dissidents’ argument, against the current WP leadership, written last month, comes in the fourth paragraph in a description of the leadership’s reaction to a request by the dissidents to meet the party leadership to outline a complaint about the increasingly nationalist direction being taken by the WP.

It reads: “Within 24 hours of that meeting request being made, a train of events was put in motion which is on track to set this party back a generation which seeks to align the party with a dangerous and divisive nationalist narrative and signal to the world that we are comfortable with that’.

So, you could say that the Workers Party is being riven by a split between its Sticky wing and its Provo wing…..yes?

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