The Shinners Really Screwed It Up…..And It’s Down To Mary Lou

While the in-depth story of the 2020 Southern general election really has yet to be told, I think we can all safely say that the Shinners really screwed up. By that I mean that they failed to detect the real mood of the electorate and when that happens to a political party it usually means that the leadership is a) either totally out of touch with the voters or b) has appointed people who are supposed to be in touch with electorate but failed to do that simple job. Or, more probably, both.

Had SF known what the real mood of the electorate was, that the voters were sick and tired of the usual FG-FF choice and were busting for something really different, then the party leadership would have gone to great pains to ensure that enough of their party’s candidates would have stood to reap the benefit of the electorate’s disdain of the status quo.

But that didn’t happen. SF did not run enough candidates to take full advantage of the flood and the consequence of that is a new government composed of the same old tired failures, not least a Green Party which really should be renamed ‘Fuck The Environment, Nothing Beats The Smell Of The Leather In The Back Seat Of The Minister’s Merc’ party.

The buck here stops at the top. Not at Gerry Adams, who has chosen quasi retirement in Donegal or wherever, but at the feet of Mary Lou McDonald. She failed to detect the voters’ mood and as a result SF have lost the best chance of seizing power in the Southern State since the 1920’s.

In any other party, they’d be showing such a leader the door.But this is Sinn Fein and that is unlikely to happen. Plus ca change!

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