Here Are Trump’s People

The US media is taking these protests seriously, rather than for what they are, a political neurosis at the outer fringe of American society. Thanks to CM for the tip:

3 responses to “Here Are Trump’s People

  1. The March Of The Bleach Drinkers.

    Darwinism in action before your very eyes.

  2. “Despite the media’s promotion of the small right-wing protests in several states against stay-at-home orders, Americans overwhelmingly support measures aimed at promoting social distancing to combat the spread of COVID-19. A Politico/Morning Consult poll last week found that 76 percent of respondents supported restrictive measures for as long as necessary, even if it harms the economy.”

    The gun-toters that Trump brings to the fore are the nascent Freikorps to be set on strikers and the left-wing.
    One problem for Trump, and the American elite that facilitate him, is that their Freikorps has not got the anywhere near the numbers of 1918 in post-war Germany.

    Massive opposition by US meatpacking employees to forced return to work:

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