Joe Biden’s Cognitive Decline

Glenn Greenwald in The Intercept mercilessly charts Joe Biden’s mental decline and the Democratic Party’s hypocritcal handling of an issue that could hand Donald Trump a second term:

One response to “Joe Biden’s Cognitive Decline

  1. ….and Democrats prefer Joe Biden to Bernie Sanders. What does that tell you about the state of the Democratic Party? I take no pleasure in Mr Biden’s cognitive decline but this seems to be framed as the lesser of two poor choices.

  2. I read your book on the IRA years ago and found it quite informative. But in the past year or so your tone has become as loud and screaming as the news outlets I have turned away from. Please return to your former journalistic history and stop using NY Post like headlines. There is more than enough of that around. My note is not prompted by a loyalty to Biden (I had another choice in the race) but just decided to speak up and ask journalists to act respectfully. My favorite news service is then PBS newshour. They tend to get guests who know their stuff and they clearly seek to show both sides regardless of the interviewer’s own opinion. Let’s strive for that shall we?

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    • So we’re all supposed to stay quiet about the fact that the probable Dem contender against Trump can’t string a coherent sentence together and will be destroyed by him? And that thanks to the Dem leadership’s determination to stop Sanders and any chance of a humane health service, they have chosen Biden and may well give us another four years of horror? Sorry, I am not that sort of journo, never have been, never will be. There are other blogs out there which may suit you better.

  3. ‘Menial decline’

    Love it!

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