Dems Look Set To Choose Senile Liar To Take On Trump In Victory For ABS: Anyone But Sanders

According to The New York Times, the Democratic Party establishment spent months discussing who to run for the White House to stop Bernie Sanders. That was their priority, not ousting Trump. What you see below is the best they could come up with; the video below shows part of a speech given in the recent presidential primary in South Carolina by the guy they chose. And that’s before you get to all the lies he has told about his political life and his past. Trump will chew him up and spit him out. He just introduced his family at a victory rally late on Super Tuesday night and mixed up his sister and his wife. Well, it was past his bedtime. If Biden gets the nomination, Trump’s home in a boat.


9 responses to “Dems Look Set To Choose Senile Liar To Take On Trump In Victory For ABS: Anyone But Sanders

  1. The US Imperial system has reached the declining phase witnessed in the Soviet Union. People in the west laughed at the clapped-out Politburo for churning out ossified party men, yet Brezhnev was younger than Sanders and Biden are now when he died. Andropov was a worn-out old man, who was four years younger than Drumpf is, when he died. Chernenko was Drumpf’s age when he died. Since the pathetic and deranged Nixon was overthrown, the US government has been headed by a guy who pardoned Nixon, (who had not been convicted of a crime), then a stooge who claimed US sovereignty over the Middle-east and oversaw the implementation of the Arc of Crisis Eurasian strategy that plagues the world today, then a Hollywood snitch turned senile kook, then a former head of the CIA whose grandfather was convicted of doing business with the Nazis, followed by a Southern Mafia boy-on-the-make who sat in the Arkansas Governor’s chair while the CIA flew transport plane-loads of cocaine into the state as part of Iran-Contra, then the former CIA head’s imbecile son, and then a guy who worked for a CIA front company before being shat out at the end of the corrupt Illiinois Democratic apparatus, and now a grifter/reality television character. I can’t tell if it’s Biden or Drumpf in this video:

  2. Ed: This is truly offensive. Ed

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    • Yes, I agree. Biden truly is……and so is the democratic party which connived, schemed, lied and bullied to get him ahead, You are in for a whacking from Trump and you deserve it. He wanted Biden as the candidate and he won that prize.

  3. I think Trump wanted Sanders as the nominee, as there’s little doubt that Trump believed he would plummet Sanders in the election. The likes of Florida and Pittsburgh would never vote for someone who endorses Castro and opposes fracking.

    Biden, despite his senility and ‘Washington insider’ status, is in a better position to give Trump a run for his money. Biden has substantial support in the black community and he’s not a threatening presence.

    • Florida is not Miami where the anti-Castro nuts proliferate’ Blacks were never going to vote for Trump. You havent seen Biden in debate, I bet….Trump will destroy him and he has such a murky history

  4. 1 – Florida also has a sizeable Jewish population, who will undoubtedly be turned off by his support of the Palestinians.

    2 – You’ve misinterpreted my remarks re. Biden. For the record, I have seen him in debate. What I was referring to was the vote tally. Biden offers a kind of “let’s get back to normality” campaign which would do well among suburban types who wouldn’t go near Sanders if they were paid.

    • 1 – If the Florida jews feel like that they will vote for Trump who has given Netanyahu whatever he wants; 2 – healthcare costs are hitting white suburbia and Sanders has that market cornered

      • 1 – Hence why Sanders will struggle in certain states and, as mentioned, he has little support in the black community (whereas Biden does).

        2 – A recent poll showed that Americans continue to prefer a health care system based on private insurance over a government-run health care system by a 54% to 42% split. “People may complain that costs may be too high, but they may consider the alternative — they are thankful that they have health insurance,” said Jeffrey Jones, senior editor at Gallup, which conducted the poll in early November.

      • 1. In a general election situation Sanders would get Black votes. The situation you describe, when Joe Biden beat him, happened in predominately “Southern Black’ states in a primary, which is another story. These are states with a Republican majority in a general election whose electoral votes will go to Trump. The Black votes that count for Sanders are West and East and midWest and he will get them in a contest with Trump; in fact my dog would get them such is the intensity of opposition to Trump;
        2 – public dissatisfaction about the complex and expensive private health care system (and you have to experience it to understand what i mean) helped the dems win back the House two years ago and it would help Sanders in a general. That is all about to vector up against the Trump camp with the Coronavirus crisis; some costs, such as testing will not be covered by govt which means the private health insurance system will kick in with people having to pay significant copays, i.e. a slice of the cost that insurance refuses to cover which can be hefty depending on the state and the insurance company…Americans are more aware than ever before in their history about European medicare-for-all type health systems – all opinion polls in this country should have a health warning based on a) who paid for them and b) who wrote the questions…..What is missing from that poll is a measure of how many people still don’t have coverage or are having their obamacare whittled away by trump. Such people have votes.

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