Michelle Goldberg On Trump’s ‘Wag The Dog’ War

New York Times’ columnist Michelle Goldberg is the latest American commentator to liken Trump’s strike against Iran to the satirical movie ‘Wag The Dog’, which depicted a desperate US President creating a fictional war in Albania to save his presidency, a trope first suggested on this blog hours after the head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards was killed in a US drone strike.

She writes:

Beyond that, Trump, now impeached and facing trial in the Senate, has laid out his rationale over years of tweets. The president is a master of projection, and his accusations against others are a decent guide to how he himself will behave. He told us, over and over again, that he believed Barack Obama would start a war with Iran to “save face” and because his “poll numbers are in a tailspin” and he needed to “get re-elected.” To Trump, a wag-the-dog war with Iran evidently seemed like a natural move for a president in trouble.

You can read her full article here.

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