Some Hard Questions For The Pat Finucane Centre

Shane Paul O’Doherty, the former Derry IRA activist, has been a controversial figure for republicans ever since the mid-1980’s when he began to publicly disavow and condemn the Provos and his former comrades in Derry for their campaign of violence.

Given the company he sometimes has kept, for instance his friendship with Ruth Dudley Edwards, he has been an easy target for Sinn Fein and their allies. But this lengthy article about Paul O’Connor, the director of the widely respected Pat Finucane Centre (PFC), is something even his bitterest enemies are going to have to take seriously.

Shane Paul O’Doherty

I have emailed Anne Cadwallader of the PFC asking if the allegations he makes against O’Connor are true or false but so far have not received a reply. The PFC cannot remain silent on this one, which you can read here:

Paul O’Connor, Director of the Pat Finucane Centre, IRA Volunteer

The Pat Finucane Centre issued this statement on November 29th:

3 responses to “Some Hard Questions For The Pat Finucane Centre

  1. SPOD sounds like a bitter, highly subjective man. He spends a lot of time accusing POC of coming from a wealthy background. What’s the point there? He also says one of the things POC has to explain is his ‘Cain related’ degree in Peace Studies. The degree was not ‘Cain related’, as simple research would have revealed. Ulster Univ ran a BA in Peace Studies in Magee in the 1980s and 90s. POC completed one and was an excellent student.

  2. In fairness to Anne C its not her responsibility to confirm or deny anything about POC.. especially answer innuendo about POC being involved in a murder -which probably happened years before he and Anne ever met.

    O’Doherty doesn’t practice what he preaches -when in glass houses and all that sort of stuff… as much as he seems to blame POC for coercing him into joining the IRA its not very convincing that he went along with his 15year old friend… I think O’Deherty is trying to project his own responsibility onto someone else -that way he doesn’t have to take responsibility for some bombings or murder he did that we do not know about -his protestations about the IRA has a very shakespearean theme.

  3. Fiachra Mac Luaidh

    so what exactly is your point broken elbow? in what way was the statement from the PFC not adequate? where’s your email? id have thought ye would have posted it up publicly here so we can see what exactly it is that yer pondering??

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