The News That Seamus McKee Is Retiring From The BBC Reminds Me…

….of the day he wondered, over a coffee in the Beeb’s canteen, whether I’d be interested in working at Ormeau Ave. I liked Seamus, he was always a decent spud to me and a good journalist. So I let him down gently and made a polite excuse. The truth was that me and the BBC would get along like a fart in a crowded tent. I knew that but it was a tribute to the man’s generosity of spirit that he thought it might be otherwise.

2 responses to “The News That Seamus McKee Is Retiring From The BBC Reminds Me…

  1. Seamus McKee is a journalist?
    A presenter surely.
    Leaving Seamus to one side, is not the term “BBC journalist” an oxymoron.

    In his former early life he was an first-rate English Literature and French teacher in second tier education. He had a penchant for Seamus Heaney, who was a tutor of his at college (I think?). However, he also imparted a respect and love for Patrick Kavanagh’s poetry to his class. Kavanagh the true poet.
    Seamus McKee was nicknamed “Silver” as a teacher, because of his blondish locks.

    The BBC promotes persons in its organisation of a certain intelligence and cultural sensibility.
    Simply to sugar-coat it’s agenda of promoting reaction.
    So one has to ask, though Seamus is a “decent spud”, has a charming allure, could one not say he has sold his talents, and is cloaking the message of the rich and powerful with a distracting lustre?

  2. Workers sell their labour power. Others sell their souls.

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