Lyra McKee’s Funeral

In the name of all that is good, why were those politicians invited to Lyra McKee’s funeral, and why were they permitted to dominate it? Why was the death of a journalist turned into a demeaning and always doomed effort to revive Stormont, when it could and should have been a celebration of the search for truth that Lyra cherished? Why were a bunch of politicians given an incomparable photo-op, and allowed to bask in the reflected light of Lyra’s goodness, when they didn’t deserve to? One had toured the offices of Europe’s leaders shamelessly exploiting fear of the violence that would claim Lyra’s life to advance his country’s Brexit interests, while the other had given the most reactionary political party in those islands a billion pounds so she could cling on to power and they could avoid sharing it with their enemies? Why were such people there, at Lyra McKee’s funeral?

7 responses to “Lyra McKee’s Funeral

  1. Ed I asked myself similar questions while watching on TV and wondered who on earth invited them. St Anne’s would have been packed with genuine friends and mourners in any case

  2. Seosamh ÓNéill

    A Chara,

    Well said Ed. The only reason the majority of them were there was the slua of elections forthcoming, otherwise their calendar would have been fully booked. I found it curious, that of all the column inches on this, I can’t recollect a single mention of Martin O’Hagan. Is mise le meas, Seosamh ÓNéill

  3. I agree, but they did not look comfortable.

  4. Ten out of ten for you article Ed

  5. I may well be wrong, but I presume that it was Lyra McKee’s family who organised the funeral and did so with genuine intentions. By holding the service in the cathedral they would have been aware it would have been an open public event. No one should have expected any better from any politician who was there.

  6. Ed do you have an anthology of her writings and stories? I’d love to read more, I can only find 2 articles online

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