The UDA and UVF In England & Scotland During The Troubles

Interesting piece on the ‘Writing The Troubles‘ website by James Bright on the activities of the UVF and UDA in Scotland and England during the Troubles:

3 responses to “The UDA and UVF In England & Scotland During The Troubles

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  2. Charlie Sargent, once a leading light in Combat 18, forged links with those on the fringes of Loyalism. He did so while working as a police informer,. One role he had was to try and entrap loyalists in both drug and weapons stings. Combat 18 also attended an LVF event in Portadown.

  3. very interesting article, some of my friends i grew up with were Roman Catholics, though to be honest it was never an issue in England, but all were quite nationalistic & followed England with a passion, one Martin an avid Chelsea fan, attended Glasgow Rangers regularly, the sight of the Union Jack & singing of Rule Britannia, he once commented that a Rangers fan said to him during a game at Ibrox that Mo Johnston was the only Catholic in the ground tonight, to which Martin replied not the only one!

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