‘Morning Star’ Review Of ‘I, Dolours’….

I didn’t realise The Morning Star still existed but apparently it does. Here is a review of ‘I, Dolours‘, it published this week.

One response to “‘Morning Star’ Review Of ‘I, Dolours’….

  1. It’s a paper that still turns up in 24 hour garages, libraries, supermarkets, and even coffee shops in England. It’s run at arms length from the old Communist Party of Great Britain, and has a rather sedate tone – a sort of political SAGA magazine for an ageing, partially reconstructed, Stalinist left. It strenuously avoids controversy (perhaps out of concern for its ageing subscribers’ blood pressure?) Anyway, these days it’s a rather heterodox publication, and occasionally hosts some rather good, critical journalism. Only rare editorial paeans to China or North Korea now remind bemused readers of its slowly withering but still intact, ideological roots.

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