Bloody Sunday Decision

The headlines all read: ‘One soldier to be charged…..etc’. Shouldn’t they really read: ‘Only one soldier to be charged…..’?

7 responses to “Bloody Sunday Decision

  1. What will be interesting is the floodgates that could potentially open because of this. Will we see certain people being hauled before the courts over murders like Tom Oliver and Loughinisland? Will a USA style lawsuit culture take over?

  2. I tend to agree with the PPS that the lack of evidence means to chances of a a successful convictions would be to low to continue to court. I think it’s safe bet to safe that ‘Soldier F’s’ defence team will be asking for rock solid forensic evidence. What are the chances of that? Having said that the PPS must have something they think is worth proceeding with. And even if there is a conviction Solider F will not doubt apply for the early release under the GFA.

    You have to feel for the families of the victims.

  3. Of course (the Omagh bomb relatives are a prime example) but with the sheer amount of “whataboutery” articles emerging in recent months (look at the recent writings of Shane Paul O’Doherty asking why there hasn’t been an enquiry into the IRA killings of judicial figures for example) seems to have created an even bigger division, with each side further entrenched in their demand/desire for some form of justice.

  4. What is interesting is that there will be a public backlash should that soldier be convicted – it would make a farce of the Good Friday agreement and action groups are already petitioning their MPs to re-prosecute and/or reinstate custodial sentences for those terrorists of all persuasions to be incarcerated. Also, will that mean that the Birmingham Pub bombers will be prosecuted for the murders of innocent people – floodgates indeed.

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