Freddie Scappaticci And Those Animal Sex Pics

Freddie Scappaticci should have asked his FRU handlers to transfer him over here to New York if he wanted to gaze in legal safety at photos of animals and human beings, of both genders, enjoying sexual congress.

Freddie Scappaticci, far left, accompanies comrades at the funeral of another British agent in the IRA’s internal security unit, Brendan Davison

In the US such photos can be easily and legally accessed. Just type in ‘animal sex with people’ into the Google search box and then choose images.

It’s called the First Amendment.

Scap would have had a ball, so to speak, with no legal comeback.

Mind you, the charge does make you wonder. What is the Kenova team up to? The effect of this is to diminish and demean Britain’s No 1 spy in the IRA. Why? If I was Freddie, I’d be more than a little worried and maybe thinking ‘I’m about to be set up to save my handlers!’

In May’s Britain? Surely not!

We shall see.

4 responses to “Freddie Scappaticci And Those Animal Sex Pics

  1. The Irish News has some interesting details of Scap’s life, such as it is, at the moment.

    Isolation, depression, suicide attempts, a history of heart trouble, the judge describing him as “not a well man.” I wonder what a similar probe into Brian Nelson’s life would have shown.

    The judge said “You have not been before the court for 50 years – and that’s good character in my book.”

    This is surely demonstrably false? Scap was interned in the early 70s, and wasn’t there a warrant issued for him, at least for a short period of time, after the Sandy Lynch case?

    This is all very odd…

  2. Yes, a penchant for bestiality is the epitome of a good character.

    The material was seized as part of Operation Kenova. Given the the gravity of this case I would have thought such material would have been a source of amusement for the powers that be, rather than something to bring him to court for. If I were Scap I would be worried about just how far his handlers are going to distance themselves from him.

  3. Certainly provides a new dimension for his activities in South Armagh!

  4. My sympathies are entirely with the animals.

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