KRW Law’s Rivals Are Unveiled As Phoenix Law

Thanks to HM for this tip off.

The breakaway law firm started by former lawyers in KRW Law has now announced itself, and as predicted by, it is calling itself Phoenix Law. Here, courtesy of the NI Law Society, is the new company’s link, 

The website is not yet up and running by the way but the main movers are named as Peter Corrigan, Darragh Mackin and Claire McKeegan.

I am sure it is just a coincidence that when the Provisionals were formed in 1969/70, the new group also chose the phoenix as its symbol. The phoenix is the mythical bird that arose from the ashes of its predecessor, except in this case KRW Law has not yet been reduced to that state.

The Provos’ adoption of the phoenix was also full of symbolism, the ashes in their case referring not just to the Official IRA, which took some time to become ashes, but also to the remains of Bombay Street, burned almost to the ground by Loyalists in August 1969. That was a fairly heavy clue that they saw themselves as being more in the Defenderist tradition of Irish republicanism.

It remains to be seen how well Phoenix Law performs, especially against its larger and better known rival led by Kevin Winters. But there is a lot of loot out there arising from legacy cases, mostly involving the families of victims of alleged state violence.

So I doubt whether Peter Corrigan and his partners will starve.

2 responses to “KRW Law’s Rivals Are Unveiled As Phoenix Law

  1. The symbology of the name is, of course, interesting.
    As an exemplar see here for part 1 of a trilogy on the Fenian movement entitled “Phoenix Rising”
    However I see nothing untoward or strange in legal eagles leaving the parent firm to go their own way (after having gained expertise and skills) and form their own legal practice. It happens every day of the week in the EU, USA, etc

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