Where To Watch ‘I, Dolours’….

‘I, Dolours’ goes on general release in Ireland the weekend of Friday, August 31st. These are the cinemas and locations where it will be screened:

  1. Light House, Dublin
  2. Pálás, Galway
  3. IMC Dun Laoghaire
  4. IMC Tallaght
  5. IFI, Dublin
  6. Omniplex Cork
  7. QFT, Belfast
  8. Movie House Yorkgate, Belfast
  9. Movie House Dublin Road, Belfast
  10. Omniplex Downpatrick
  11. Omniplex Derry
  12. Omniplex Newry
  13. Omniplex Dungannon
  14. Omniplex Kennedy Centre

7 responses to “Where To Watch ‘I, Dolours’….

  1. I’ve anticipated this for a while, as luck would have it work took me to Glasgow a couple weeks back. Eagerly awaiting Netflix!

  2. Ed, I’ve looked at IFI, Light House and IMC Tallaght, none are advertising this movie for this week. Are there some problems?

  3. Ed, saw I,Dolours this evening. It’s tremendous; and frightening. I’m in my 50’s and view it as a life lost to fanaticism, I hope people who haven’t lived through the troubles don’t view it as one more round in the continuing struggle. Will you be releasing video of the full interview?

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