Royal Green Jackets Vets Prepare To Celebrate 45th Anniversary Of Bryson Killing

The site can be accessed here. And here is a Broken Elbow article based on the RGJ’s archives and regimental War Diary detailing the story of the killing of Jim Bryson and Gerry Adams’ brother-in-law, Patrick Mulvenna. It was written by myself and James Kinchin-White.

The RGJ site calls the killing of Bryson and Mulvenna ‘…this Eventful and Historic Day’. It seems we still have a ways to go to reconciliation much less forgetfulness. August 31st this year will mark the 45th anniversary of the double killing.

For many years the Green Jackets official regimental site carried a photo of the dead Jim Bryson taken in the morgue of the Royal Victoria Hospital. The existence of the photo was first highlighted by this blog. It was subsequently taken down.

I wonder what Jim Bryson would have made of the Provo peace process strategy?

Postscript: My eagle-eyed colleague, James Kinchin White points out that the bullet spattered car featured on the website is not the vehicle used by Bryson et al but was the car in which Stan Carberry met his death at the hands of RGJ soldiers nearly a year before.

4 responses to “Royal Green Jackets Vets Prepare To Celebrate 45th Anniversary Of Bryson Killing

  1. It would be interesting to read (or listen) soldiers being able to tell their stories frankly. I’m sure they’d have some fascinating stories to tell.

    There’s one book I have which is made up of quotes from various soldiers, but when an army chaplain is quoted in it as being depressed at the “amount of fetuses that littered Divis Flats”, you know you’re in fantasy land.

  2. Gerry Adams probably set the two of them up to be killed!

  3. I know no one has a high opinion of Adams, but some people will believe any old shite.

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