Trump Shoots Himself In The Foot!

One of the main factors keeping Trump afloat, as elsewhere sex scandals multiply and Mr Mueller of the FBI circles menacingly, has been the booming stock market which has soared almost daily since he stepped into the Oval office. See here.

With one press conference today Trump has threatened to put all that into reverse gear. In a move that has rattled Wall Street, saw the Dow dip by some 700 points and unnerved all those middle class Americans whose flourishing stock portfolios distracted them from the more repellent aspects of a Trump White House, he has sparked a trade war that could well be his undoing.

A president with a modicum of sense would not have imposed trade tariffs on China and risked what could become a disastrous tit-for-tat conflict with the world’s rising economic power. He has brought closer the day when not just those on the left in America, and the rest of the world, yearn for Mr Mueller to deliver the knockout blow.

It may not now be long in coming.

2 responses to “Trump Shoots Himself In The Foot!

  1. There is no question, he is certainly a maverick. He got elected by promising to shake things up to drain the swamp. Well, shaking things up, that’s what he’s being doing, right?
    Driven by a populist frame of mind he certainly rolling back and undoing many of our hard won protections and rights. But, as to draining the swamp that’s not happening. Rather the swamp seems to be more toxic than ever. Yet, the Obama economic recovery and surge still continues, less he undoes it all by triggering a trade war. But while it continues, his base will continue to idolize him and thereby whet his appetite for more rampant roll-backs threatening our values and the American way.

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