US Media More Upset By The Word ‘Shithole’ Than Trump’s Racism

’Shithole’, ‘Shithole’, ‘Shithole’. There you are; this is the the word that Trump used to describe Haiti and an indeterminate number of African countries during a White House meeting on Thursday evening.

But it is a word that you will find the majority of the US media reluctant to spell out or articulate in its entirety. Instead they use euphemisms like ‘s***hole’ or worse, ‘****hole’.

Following the American media’s coverage of Trump’s now infamous meeting with GOP Senators and one Democratic Senator about immigration reform it is hard to avoid the conclusion that the President’s use of a naughty word is more objectionable than the level of racism it reveals.

The verbal vulgarity, in other words, is a bigger problem than the fact that the leader of the so-called Free World has a real difficulty with anyone with a skin colour darker than Norwegian white.

4 responses to “US Media More Upset By The Word ‘Shithole’ Than Trump’s Racism

  1. You’re right, the media are more focused on the smaller vulgarity than the huge obscenity of Trump’s racism. We Irish came from a diabolical shithole situation particularly during the Great Famine and we endured the Know-Nothing cruel reaction. But no American President ever singled us out … Maybe we looked like the Norwegian Lilly White.

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