The FBI Had A Spy In The Trump Team…….

This, from pages 173-175 of the testimony of Fusion GBS boss, Glenn Simpson to the Senate Judiciary Committee. There will be speculation that the spy was George Papadopolous, the Trump staffer who drunkenly told the Australian ambassador to the UK that Russia had stolen Hillary Clinton’s emails. The ambassador passed this on to the US government.

Papadopolous pleaded guilty at a recent court hearing to lying to the FBI over his dealings with the Trump campaign. There has been speculation that he was turned by the FBI and thereafter wore a wire while working in the campaign. Simpson did however go on to say that the information came from someone on the Trump team who volunteered it to the FBI.

Glenn Simpson
August 22, 2017
Washington, DC
Pages 173-175

Q. So do you know whether or not Mr. Steele was directed — you said you did not direct him or ask him to go back to the FBI — whether anyone else either directly or indirectly asked him to go to the FBI after his July 5th —

A. To my knowledge, no one else told him to report this. He may have conferred with his business associates, but I don’t know.

Q. And you said that meeting with the FBI, you said Mr. Steele said he had to go to Rome for this meeting. Do you otherwise know who he met with?

A. This gets into the chronology of what I learned when. At some point I learned that he was meeting with the lead FBI guy from Rome. I don’t remember when he told me that.

Q. And did you have a name associated with who that was?

A. Not at that time.

Q. You said that he told you of the meeting with the FBI in Rome in mid or late September, that he “gave them a full briefing”?

A. A debrief I think is what he probably
said, they had debriefed him. I don’t remember him articulating the specifics of that. You know, my understanding was that they would have gotten into who his sources were, how he knew certain things, and, you know, other details based on their own intelligence. Essentially what he told me was they had other intelligence about this matter from an internal Trump campaign source and that — that they — my understanding was that they believed Chris at this point — that they believed Chris’s information might be credible because they had other intelligence that indicated the same thing and one of those pieces of intelligence was a human source from inside the Trump organization.

Q. And did you have any understanding then or now as to who that human intelligence source from inside the Trump campaign might have been?

MR. LEVY: He’s going to decline to answer that question.

MS. SAWYER: On what basis?

MR. SIMPSON: Security.

MR. LEVY: Security.

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