The Broken Elbow

Did Varadkar Screw Up Or Was The RTE Leak Done To Hide His Failure?

That, in a sentence, is the question that arises from yesterday’s collapse of Brexit talks between Theresa May and the EU. Was the early morning briefing of RTE, clearly by the Irish government, to the effect that May had accepted a Border in the Irish Sea a screw up, done without thinking through the consequences, i.e. a likely DUP and pro-Brexit Tory backlash, or done in the knowledge that the sea border was never a starter but that it was in Leo Varadkar’s interests to paint May as the rejectionist and to hide his own failure?

Answers on a postcard to L Varadkar, Government Buildings, Dublin. Copy to Micheal Martin, Fianna Fail, Leinster House, Dublin.