Trump And Russia – A Valuable Timeline

Whenever I was about to embark on a big writing project, like ‘A Secret History of the IRA’, the first thing I would do, before putting pen to paper so to speak, was to construct a chronology of events, or a timeline as Americans call it.

It was amazing not just how easier it made the subsequent writing process but how otherwise hidden patterns in events, where they existed, became visible. In the case of ‘A Secret History…..’, it was possible to see much more clearly Gerry Adams’ long and careful voyage towards constitutionalism, and that became a major theme of the book.

Donald Trump’s relationship with the Russians is every bit as convoluted, if not more so, as Adams’ transition to electoral politics and what was lacking to an outsider was a similar guide through the maze of events stretching back through time.

Now, thanks to the estimable Bill Moyers and his colleague Steven Harper we have a timeline which helps to explain how Donald Trump got to where he is now. You can access it here.

4 responses to “Trump And Russia – A Valuable Timeline

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  2. I’m currently reading your “Secret History…” and have no more comment to make than I’m learning, and thanks.

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