‘No More Catholics!’ – Trainspotting Two Hits A High Note

I loved the first Trainspotting movie and Trainspotting 2 came very close. I watched it, en familie, in a movie house in posh Westchester County, of all places and nearly laughed my leg off (which I can assure you is not easy for me to do).

Here is my favourite scene. The background is that the characters played by Ewan McGregor and Johnny Lee Millar have stumbled into a Glasgow Rangers supporters club intending to pickpocket as many credit cards as they can. Challenged by a suspicious Loyalist they must sing a song to prove their credentials. Enjoy:

5 responses to “‘No More Catholics!’ – Trainspotting Two Hits A High Note

  1. My daughter, Victoria, loves this scene and sent it to me. I haven’t seen the film.

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  2. How I rolled my eyes at the pin numbers bit.

  3. Very funny scene. I remember doing the same thing myself when I lived in Scotland in the mid 1970s. I was visiting a friend in Port Glasgow after a match and we wander into a loyalist pub wearing a “Troops Out” badge. I was confronted by a man who had done several years in Barlinnie about the badge. Fortunately he was more tolerant than the crowd in the film and just gone a telling off.

  4. Isadore Lenin de Faoite

    so so funny

  5. Seán McGouran

    A trifee unsubtle… BUT…….

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