‘Why PSNI Chief Drew Harris Is Not To Be Trusted’

Peter Sefton has an interesting take on Assistant Chief Constable Drew Harris of the PSNI whose testimony to the Smithwick Tribunal on the IRA killing of alleged informer Tom Oliver has been highlighted recently on my own blog, thebrokenelbow.com.

Peter has a very personal issue at stake, to wit ACC Harris’ denial that the IRA’s plan to murder his parents was known beforehand by the intelligence services, a claim based on the presumption that the IRA in North Belfast, where the plan was hatched, was remarkably informer-free, as was the Belfast Brigade and Northern Command leadership, assertions which Peter has long publicly doubted.

You can read and access his post further down this page.


Readers of this blog will have read my previous articles about the murders of my parents and my attempt to obtain justice for them. During this campaign I have engaged, inter alia , the RUC, the PSNI, the HET , the Police Ombudsman and others. A recurring theme, like “Blackpool” through a stick of rock , has […]

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