Neo-Nazis Model Their Uniform On Trump’s Golf Gear…..

I knew that many of the neo-fascists and white supremacists on view at Charlottesville last weekend had worn chinos and white shirts but I didn’t know that this was a conscious modelling of Trump’s golfing outfit until today.

Thanks to The Village Voice’s photo spread on the riots at the University of Virginia town, we now know, apparently, that this is another revealing and embarrassing link between the alt.right cum fascisti spawned by the election of the construction magnate to the White House and the man himself.

Here is the VV pic:

And here is a recent photo of Trump playing golf (he could lose some weight!):


2 responses to “Neo-Nazis Model Their Uniform On Trump’s Golf Gear…..

  1. It’s an interesting social mix. As well as the redneck ‘deplorables’ there appear to be a large number of over-privileged ‘frat-boys’ and distressed business owners attending these Trumpian, Nazi rallys.

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