Dr. Strangelove Meets Donald Trump

Remember General Jack D Ripper, the loony American military leader who starts World War III, in Stanley Kubrick’s hilariously scary movie about the outbreak of nuclear conflict between the US and the Soviet Union?

In a macabre and chilling example of life imitating art, America is now led by a man who almost makes General Ripper appear rational and sane and who has pushed the world noticeably closer to a nuclear catastrophe with an untutored choice of words.

The task of removing Donald Trump from the White House has never been more necessary or urgent than now.

As I write this, America’s cable news channels are broadcasting stories assessing the rival military resources of the US and N. Korea should it come to a nuclear exchange. The horrifically abnormal suddenly becomes normal.

I was going to end by saying ‘enjoy this clip’, but somehow that seems to be in bad taste:

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